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Signed Spray of Roses Limoges Charger

Item Description: This is a gorgeous D&C limoges hand painted porcelain charger or 2-handled porcelain cake plate with a spray of pink and white roses! It is signed with the talented artists initials on the back "LB". It features gilding along the scalloped edges and.....
Status: Available

Price: $195.00

Signed White Wild Roses Limoges Charger

Item Description: This is a 2-handled P&P (Paraoutaud Freres) Limoges Cake Plate with stunning white roses signed by the artist "M. Dolan" on the back.It has gilded edges and handles.
Size: 11 1/4"
Condition: Excellent Original

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Status: Available

Price: $185.00

T&V Signed Roses Limoges Tray

Item Description: STUNNING! For the rose lovers...they don't come prettier! This is an exquisite T&V Limoges porcelain tray with hand painted pink, yellow, and burgundy cabbage ROSES!! The artistic detail in the roses and foliage is superb and signed on the front by t.....
Status: Available

Price: $110.00

Enormous Limoges Tray with ROSES

Item Description: WOW! This is a huge Limoges tray with pink, burgundy, and yellow ROSES. It has a variety of soft background colors, gilded scrollwork near the edge and scalloped and gilded edges. It is marked Haviland France and impressed "14".
Size: 16" x 11 1/2.....
Status: Available

Price: $300.00

Large 1800's Lemonade " Crab Apple" Pitcher

Item Description: This is a beautiful porcelain D&C Limoges porcelain cider or lemonade pitcher with hand painted crab apples.

The handle and top are gilded. The Delinieres & Cie France mark dates it to 1879 to 1900!!!
Size: 6 1/8" tall x 9 1/2" handle to s.....
Status: Available

Previously: $150.00
Special Price: $100.00

HUGE Signed Elegant ROSES Platter / Tray

Item Description: WOW!ELEGANT!! This is a huge porcelain platter with burgundy and white ROSES. The roses and foliage are gorgeously hand painted by the artist "Nina V Negas" as signed on the back. It has a soft green background color. It also has scalloped and gilde.....
Status: Available

Price: $150.00

STUNNING Signed Wild Roses Limoges Bowl

Item Description: This is a MAGNIFICENT beauty! This hand painted porcelain JPL limoges bowl is signed by the factory approved artist "Michel" on the front. The original mold has scalloped edges and raised ROSES impressed at the edge which have been gorgeously gilded......
Status: Available

Previously: $150.00
Special Price: $120.00

Signed Limoges Finial Tray with White Narcissus

Item Description: STUNNING and GORGEOUS!!!! This is a RARE antique W.G. and Co. Limoges porcelain hand painted handled candy tray with beautiful white narcissus. It is signed with the artist's initials on the bottom. This is one of my personal favorite molds! It has a.....
Status: Available

Previously: $175.00
Special Price: $125.00

STUNNING Scenic Limoges Charger with Daisies

Item Description: This is an antique limoges scenic porcelain charger with a hand painted scene of a lake, trees, and mountains in the background. This is all enhanced by the rim of the plate that features daisies and a colorful background. The result is STUNNING! Th.....
Status: Available

Previously: $50.00
Special Price: $20.00

Elegant Limoges Footed Fernier with BERRIES

Item Description: This is a RARE mold from the 1800's!!! This is a beautiful D&C Limoges porcelain footed ferner with hand painted BLUE BERRIES and colorful foliage. It is painted on all around the outside. The scalloped top is gilded. The 4 feet on this piece are a w.....
Status: Available

Previously: $125.00
Special Price: $85.00