RAREST EVER! 1880's Limoges 'LADIES OF ILL REPUTE' Figural Moriage Lamp
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Item Description: RAREST PIECE! Even noted Limoges collector and author, Debby Dubay had never seen this blank before!

As a Limoges lover and collector myself, I can tell you that beyond the rareness, this is one of the most beautifully detailed pieces that I have ever seen.

This is a GORGEOUS Victorain Lamp featuring two "LADIES OF ILL REPUTE' .

They are dressed in matching lilac and light blue sheer gowns (you can see their nipples and belly buttons through the gowns). The gowns are beautiful and have raised moriage gold and white beads on them. A heavier gold moriage design outlines the top, bodice, sleeves and bottom of the dresses.

The lady in purple is holding gilded fruit in the folds of her gown, while the lady in blue holds a slightly tipping glass of wine. Both the fruit and the wine glass do show some gild loss...it does not detract.

They both have on lipstick, blush and eye shadow. There hair is done in a Victorian updo with large curls, one is blond and the other a brunette.

The ladies arms encircle the the gilded area of the column of the lamp, at this area there is a gorgeous raised design.

The bottom of the lamp has 4 legs...these are also gorgeous. there is an arched gilded area between the legs. These are also outlined with delicate moriage beading and inside there is a leaf and * design within the gilding. There are a few of the delcate moriage dots missing here...

About the lamp... obviously, this was originally an oil lamp and it has been converted to electricity, at this time the lamp works, but I would highly recommend having it rewired with updated and safe wiring.

It is double marked with the Martial Redon Limoges France Marks 2 and 3. These marks date this beauty 1882 to 1890!

Please know this is a heavy piece, they will be double boxed and I will refund any shipping overages if it doesn't weigh the projected 6-7 pounds that I have put in the shipping quote.

Size: 9" to the top of the porcelain

12 1/4" to the top of the whole lamp

7" elbow to elbow

7" across the base

Condition: Well, these 130 year old ladies have some issues...the lady in lilac has had her head broken and repaired, this was actually done very well in my opinion. The lady in blue has had her hand with the wine glass broken and repaired (I personally think a better job could be done here if so desired). Honestly, I am always after perfect pieces, but with this rare beauty, none of it detracts. Also please note that there are felt pads on the bottoms of the feet, these can be easliy removed, if desired, by pulling them off and using rubbing alcohol to remove any residue. They could use an even more detailed bath (I have already given them 3).

That is all we see...hope you enjoyed seeing them, we have truly enjoyed sharing them with all our Limoges loving friends!

Status: Available

Price: $350.00

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